Saturday Night Painting

I was a fine arts minor back in college........and really, very picky about the artists I truly honestly loved. It's a small handful. As in one person. And that person was Vincent Van Gogh. I was obsessed. I painted his classic "Cafe On The Terrace" about 39 times.

{the Van Gogh Original}

Including a mono-color version sitting on my desk at work done in all blues.

{my BLUES version}

WELL, with a new house and lots of walls to cover, I embarked on an art expedition online to discover a future-new-favorite. And who I found was Gustav Klimt. BEHOLD:

and my personal favorite....
Saturday night, I broke out my stash of paints, brushes, and nabbed a blank canvas from my growing pile and made it happen. Why spend money on a print or re-production? When you can re-create - injecting a smidge of your own style, and enjoy the tangible paint strokes? The true medium it was created in.


Mom said…
Superb Job !
The Dude said…
very nice.
and may I just say you have an excellent blog here, very creative.
will drop by from time to time if thats alright.
Erin said…
Beautiful!! Van Gogh is my favorite artist, too. No others exist to me, pretty much. I have a poster mounted of one of his paintings above my couch. I'm still trying to find my favorite to get framed but it's so hard to find! Love love love him!

Paula said…
I love your blog!

Have a nice time!

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