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My Earring Tree

So there's been many mentions to me ever since sharing my humiliatingly hilarious story of my 8th grade french teacher widdling down my existence on this earth by simply remembering me after 10 years as "the girl who always had the unique and elaborate earrings".

Alright fine. I'm owning my reputation as a crazy earring lady. Whether that be negative or positive in connotation, it's who I am. And upon further examination I've come to realize I'm a crazy bracelet and ring lady too. Might as well just merge it all together and let the world know I like outrageous accessories okay.

Since I like tips, my tip for your accessories, crazy or not, is to display them - on your dresser, on your night stand, on that useless weird side-table taking up space with a lamp on it and nothing else, even on the wall. Why spend all that money on pretty pretty things and then keep them hidden in a box 99% of the time?

I was gifted one Christmas the most fabulous thing ever. An e…