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Momma Bear

My mom is my everything! I don't have enough proper vocabulary to begin to describe how marvelous she is. I affectionately call her my momma bear, and yes, although I am a 25 year old 'grown up' lady, I will always be her BABY BEAR.

On a girls trip to New York City last year, during which I was esteemed tour-guide, my momma pulled her shoulder dragging a suitcase with broken wheels through the maze of staircases and train stations. I to this day feel terrible that I didn't snatch it from her and help more along the way.......because her shoulder has been bothering her ever since. She's recently been getting acupuncture which seems to help. I was thinking what I could possibly do to help in some way. A way that preferably utilized my sewing machine. :-)

I GOT IT. A homemade rice-filled HEAT PACK! (or cold pack - if you pop it in the freezer) All-natural to boot, gotta love that. I excitedly went out to get all of the 'ingredients' for this project. Muslin for …