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The Goal

In this fleeting life, cities empower and defeat, jobs arise and disappear, green pieces of paper rule decisions while the heart falls by the wayside. Our one constant in the choppy seas of incessent change are the special moments with the people we love most. The moments you usually don’t realize are so special until a time later when it pops like a bubble out of your frontal lobe. It plays over, a vivd deja-vu - you can see distinctly the overwhelming smile on your mother’s face and the sparkle of happiness in her eyes, flickering back on the movie screen of your mind. You wish time would freeze back at that moment so you could revel in the beauty forever. Your bones overflow with tingling joy. The next feature plays and the next and the next. You see his piercing blue eyes fade to black and feel his fingers sweep along your forehead, transported to the time when you fell asleep on his lap. Your heart is warm. These are the moments I want to dedicate my life to achieving. No city, n…