The Plunge

I think we've given in!

After endless back and forth.....we've decided to NOT run off and elope completely alone for the attractive cost of $50........we've decided to rent a space and throw a party for our wedding. It really would be special to be surrounded by those we love. Not a full-on-traditional 'reception' however.......a rough around the edges laid back live-music EXPERIENCE.

We're looking at a really sweet music venue - and hopefully planning on having a friend's AMAZING band play. I've been up ALL night researching. I want to stay on a strict and tight budget..........and I want it to be DIY/handmade/homemade.......simple, eco-chic.

Some inspiration I've fallen in love with thus far.......

[Clear wine bottles - with gorgeous tapered candles at all different GORGEOUS and stunningly simple is this. I can hunt these bottles for free and pull this 'centerpiece' idea together for just the cost of candles!]

[Lovely home-made garland!]

Oh man.........the planning commences.


Tasha, I haven't been reading blogs lately due to the sudden busyness of my life, but I just wanted you to know that you are always inspiring me! Via your own work and even the things that just inspire you. I'm coming home in July for a month, and I really think we need to get together!

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