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Home-Sewed Laptop Sleeve

I've been extraordinarily busy at work lately. Which I'm happy for - since I absolutely LOVE my job. Being the PR/Marketing person for a branch of doctor's offices doesn't sound like it would be a dream job.....but it certainly is to me, my friends.

It's been chaotic since our practice has merged with another and now we are officially a NEW practice all together - since January 1 2010. I've designed a new logo, announcement ads for the newspaper, written radio spot scripts, and put together press packages to send off.

In my case, I really believe just putting myself out there has served me more than I even realize. My job 'description' has surpassed any kind of outlined list of tasks you can put on paper. I walk through the reception areas in our different offices and my photos are framed and hanging on the walls. I have a make-shift photography studio in the X-RAY department. I update the employee "INTRANET" with my latest photoshop creations …

Scrappies Dilemma

I am a DIY-design-blog junkie.


As in........21 messages on my phone, a pile of work to complete in the next 45 minutes, people stopping by my desk for a quick favor, 3 pages of to-do-lists (99% of the lines highlighted for importance........) eyes cannot be peeled away the How-To on creating my own winter hat fashioned out of a crotcheted rectangle of yarn and a puff ball.

Anything I can make on the cheap that looks outrageously fabulous and endlessly interesting is something I am obsessed with.

With my new sewing-love I'm finding myself surrounded by tons of little scraps of fabric.....which I cannot bring myself to throw away.


Solution #1 {of I'm sure a million}
- Sew them onto homemade Thank You cards!


A freak stomach-virus has swept through my household. I stayed home in bed sick all day yesterday....dragged my butt into work today, although I remain half-un-concious and hazy....floating through the day under a slow cloud of Tylenol PM and general weakness.

I find myself unable to focus.......and have just been staring blankly at my wall for some inspiration. I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!

This Is Going To Be Dangerous

Well I'm happy to report I've been logging in some quality time with my NEW SEWING MACHINE. (a most lovely gift from my future mother in law)

I've read the manual front to back, scowered the internet reading sewing blogs and looking up how-to's.....I've become well acquainted with Jo-Ann Fabrics....and I think I single-handedly cleared out the soon-to-be-obsolete fabric department at my local Wal-Mart as everything was marked down to $1.50/yard. The poor man who had to stand there and cut yard after yard after yard asked if I was making a quilt - with all that fabric! I happily proclaimed NOPE - I DON'T EVEN REALLY KNOW HOW TO SEW!!!! :-) To which I think his reaction was bitterness and confusion.

.......but guess what, once I grasp what the hell I'm doing, I'll have plentyyyyyyy of fabric to do it!

At this point we all know I've made a headband, showcased in my last post. Well the options of what I can make for you haven't evolved TOO much.

I can o…

The Blur Ends

TOTAL BLUR! So much has happened in December, my mind spins thinking about it all!

My soon-to-be husband purchased a new car (Toyota Yaris, now there is 2 in our garage! Luckily NOT matching.......because that would obviously be lame) This was not a completely voluntary action. It was necessary after his dinosaur from 1993 pooped the bed for the very last time.......THE MONDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. With our job locations and schedules, there is no possible way to operate with one vehicle in the family. And I just had a quick deja-vu of last Christmas/Winter when 3 of his 4 tires POPPED within the span of two weeks.....and I had AAA on speed dial and was approaching stalker status with our tow truck guy. WE WERE OVER IT.
It happened like magic, browsed local listings online, printed out the one he wanted, went to the dealership and within a few hours he DROVE OFF THE LOT in it :-) JUST BEAUTIFUL......and meant to be. 2:30pm he's calling me in a ferociously bad mood.......8pm same day he…