DIY Graphic Headboard

When we moved out of our apartment and into our house, I had a grand vision. Everything would be home-made, re-purposed, re-made, hand-crafted, and all considered 1-of-a-kind via my thrift-loving ways and DIY addiction.

Nothing more I hate than a home that looks like a cookie-cutter-show-room.

Exhibit #1 - One of my first orders of business was to create a dreamy master bedroom. That evokes the feeling of floating on a cloud and serenely calms your bones the minute you walk in. When I think of a dreamy state I think of things becoming blurry......that lapse of time in between falling asleep and fully waking up where your eyes aren't focused.

This train of thought led me to thinking about FADED LIGHTS.....and their soft glow. How I would love to always be surrounded by that.

I dragged out our strings of Christmas lights - in the dead of spring - and after the sun set, I secluded myself into the darkest corner and snapped a string of shots.

After selecting my favorite shot, I just brought up the picture in photoshop and played around with the color hue.

In the end I wanted the hue to match the exact color of our room - however this could be really great for contrasting colors - a stunning statement that would stand out. After finalizing my color hue, measuring around the bed and nailing down the perfect size print - I headed to my favorite printing website --

Don't be fooled by the lackluster website! Don't be put off by the non-fancy format! This service absolutely delivers - at an extraordinarily low price. You can order poster size prints for a mere $8. Since a headboard is a special focal point in a bedroom, I sprung to get this printed on CANVAS. Once my gorgeous canvas print arrived I embarked on stretching & staple-gunning it myself onto a wood frame (this included the first staple being excellently lodged into my hand) and after a few bandaids, help from the Mr., and some frusterating sighs...........VOILA!

The photos are from when we first moved in - hence the BARE-ness. There's been many-a-changes made in this room and some lovely additions. Also - we've painted ALL of the walls that soft jade color -- keep your eyes peeled for dream-state-bedroom-pictoral-update!


TashaMarie said…
Thanks Jonathan! :-)
SK said…
That's a sensational idea for a headboard.
It looks excellent and you can adapt the colour accordingly to the colour scheme of the room. Love it!
Morgan said…
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Morgan said…
thanks for the info on! I can't wait to make my own prints. One thing I wasn't clear on, did the wood frame come from perfectposters or did you find it somewhere else
TashaMarie said…
Hey Morgan! Be'll become addicted to :-) The wood frame I made myself - just by simply giving the appropriate length/width measurements to the local hardware store guy. He cut the wood into pieces - and then I just took the 4 pieces home and nailed them together!
Morgan said…
ooh thanks so much! Can't wait to get started on a photomontage to get printed.

Love reading about all your DIY stuff!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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