Soul Ryder Hughes

Our sweet boy. This journey he's taken us on in his short 21 months of life has been the ultimate adventure. Life is that much brighter with him in it.

The day we left the hospital.
Maternity leave love <3 p="">
Just another dessert on the Easter table...
 The strongest bond <3 p="">
Those eyes.
Monthly photo. 
First trip to the beach.
SUPER SOUL! Homemade Halloween costume.
Picking out his first pumpkin.
Dress up at daycare!
Morning love.
Christmas card photo.
8 months!

Swings with Dada.
Admiring Dada's drums!
4th of July BBQ.
Family photo op. 
Yogurt lips at the park.
Tubby time.
He loves the grocery store, it's a huge snack bar!
Froggie towel.
Snack time.
First time digging into the sand, family vacation at the beach.
Washing the sand off his toes.
Picking out his pumpkin.
I blinked and this happened.
Our little chicken on Halloween. He loved greeting at the door!
Supermarket horsey.
Pressing all the buttons in the freezer.
Mommy & Me.
Party in da tub!

Family <3 p="">

Opening his advent treat!
Growing too fast.... <3 nbsp="" p="">


Anonymous said…
how precious :) youre very blessed to have such a beautiful family!
TashaMarie said…
Thank you for the kind words, I am grateful for every blessing <3

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