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Free Mismatched Chairs: Extreme Home Makeover Edition

There's a lot of chairs in the world. Zillions of them. A chair is a chair is a chair. They all have some type of leg-system, some type of large expansive flat surface for your butt to spread out onto, and generally some type of back support. My personal thought is if a chair works, and really it doesn't take a lot for them to "work", then what's the point in perpetuating and buying into the manufacturing of NEW chairs to add to the excessively overhwhelming pile of already-made chairs. Already-made chairs that are even being given away for FREE! Imagine that. Just go to craigslist and type in free chairs, you'll be overwhelmed. Most likely initially overhwhelmed by their ugliness - INITIALLY I said. Here's my tip -- boil it down people. Look past the pooey brown 80's wood, look past the pukey green 70's plastic, look past the moldy 60's fabric...look past all of that and boil it down.

Legs attached and sturdy? Check. Acceptable butt-holding-a…