Soul Ryder Hughes

Our sweet boy. This journey he's taken us on in his short 21 months of life has been the ultimate adventure. Life is that much brighter with him in it.

The day we left the hospital. Maternity leave love <3 p=""> Just another dessert on the Easter table...  The strongest bond <3 p="">
Asleep. Those eyes. Monthly photo.  First trip to the beach. SUPER SOUL! Homemade Halloween costume. Picking out his first pumpkin. Dress up at daycare! Morning love. Christmas card photo. 8 months!

Swings with Dada. Admiring Dada's drums! 4th of July BBQ.  Climbing.

Happy Friday

The weekend is almost upon us!

Normally, I always do a #bunfriday, as seen below.

However, last night threw me a curve ball, as on our way home from daycare, we encountered a massive detour - only to find out once home that the block off was due to a large power outage in the area. In the end, it was a fun adventure with a one and half year old. He loved 'helping' me light about 4,382 candles and put them around the house in each room.....

We also enjoyed a picnic dinner on the kitchen floor by candle light....

We made proper use of the time unplugged, like you know, arranging flowers (in our sippy cup, below), reading books, snuggling while singing songs and counting, and of course playing with FLASHLIGHTS. In the end, the power was back on by 10pm - the perfect amount of time to keep this experience in the 'fun' category.

However, it did cut into my #bunfriday plans. I was unable to do my regular shower and hair-prep routine to make sure my hair was in bun-ready cond…

I'm back. Let's do this.

The seas of life have led me to a place where I would like to spend a little 'me' time here....sharing my thoughts, loves, and moments. I would also like to introduce the addition that changed our lives (for the unimaginable best), our sweet son, Soul Ryder.

Good to be back friends.

Switzerland (Honeymoon Part 1 of 3)

We still pinch ourselves when we think about our honeymoon.

We had two backpacks, two plane tickets, and no reservations. Literally.
We flew into Zurich, Switzerland - and had a return ticket for 2 weeks later from Pisa, Italy.
Anything in between was up to us and our spur of the moment whim. It was liberating and freeing. With our two travel books, we'd simply decide every morning where we'd like to go to next (or if we'd like to stay where we were) - finding cheap rooms on the fly was not hard - and partaking in 'the chase' was often fun. (we only had ONE close call, in Florence. It was a holiday weekend there, and it took us almost 3 hours to find an available room) ;-) Those are the breaks.

Our adventure as mentioned, began in Switzerland.
From Zurich we took the train to Luzern, a small city on the water.

After a couple days spent strolling the cobblestone streets, eating fondue, and shopping for Swiss watches, we ventured on to one of my most favorite places on thi…