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A Little Creativity, A Little Time, A Little Imagination

Now anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a great bargain.

I'm also a sucker for french onion soup on any menu, sparkly and funky printed scarfs, and most notoriously I'm a sucker for apparently outrageous earrings. To the point where my 8th grade french teacher, whom I happened to bump into at the town dump while dropping off garbage, squinted her eyes at me after I squealed in happiness to see her after 10+ years......her brain was racking and racking and finally her squint turned into a look of surprise and amusement.......I was "the girl who always had the unique and elaborate earrings!!!". 10 years and this is the single tidbit my existence is widdled down to by someone. Might as well be swinging crystal chandeliers from my ears. My reputation precedes me! But those are different stories all-together.

This particular story is about the fact that whenever I'm in close proximity to any kind of thrift/antique/consignment involuntary bargain…