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Happy Halloween-EVE!

I flippin' love Halloween.

{ode of the kitchen towels - and NOTE: my fool proof BAMBOO! I don't lie!}

I will be closing this laptop and in about 2 seconds I'll be sinking into that couch right there....looking greatly foward to relaxing in front of our newly installed eco-friendly and energy efficient pellet stove. Best invesment. Ever. I just have to say if you're looking into alternative heating - pellets are marvelous. So affordable, renewable, and you still get that flame that gives you the cozy homey "gather 'round and snuggle in" feeling. Just in love. We'll see what winter brings....but theoretically only $500 worth of pellets is all it will take to keep our little dream home heated for the season!

Oh.......and did I mentioned I got engaged on my birthday? {10/ wonder October is my favorite}

Whatta week.