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Saturday Night Painting

I was a fine arts minor back in college........and really, very picky about the artists I truly honestly loved. It's a small handful. As in one person. And that person was Vincent Van Gogh. I was obsessed. I painted his classic "Cafe On The Terrace" about 39 times.

{the Van Gogh Original}

Including a mono-color version sitting on my desk at work done in all blues.

{my BLUES version}

WELL, with a new house and lots of walls to cover, I embarked on an art expedition online to discover a future-new-favorite. And who I found was Gustav Klimt. BEHOLD:

and my personal favorite....
Saturday night, I broke out my stash of paints, brushes, and nabbed a blank canvas from my growing pile and made it happen. Why spend money on a print or re-production? When you can re-create - injecting a smidge of your own style, and enjoy the tangible paint strokes? The true medium it was created in.