Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Wall Display For $25 Or Less!

Whenever I'm thrifting-sniffing-around one thing I always make a point to look for is old frames WITH matting included - if you find a framed photo that's matted, PARTICULARLY CUSTOM matted - blind your eyes away from whatever shade and texture of ugly the frame is - and how terrible the photo is.

You've struck gold!

Matting is really the element that catapults your framing into a higher level of sophistication - and unless you are crafty enough to buy and cut your own mats, or are fine with purchasing the selection of pre-cut run-of-the-mill-sized mats - it's pretttttty pricey to have professionally and CUSTOM done.

So here we are -- I found a very LARGE CUSTOM matted and framed (puke brown) photo (a duck....from the 80's duck). It cost me $4.50.

Throw in a couple of knick-knack wall-hangings I got over a year ago and quickly fell into hating.....and a cheap gold-framed mirror - ALSO being sold for peanuts.

I gathered up the motley crew and spray painted ALL of them the same glossy black.

Picked up some 89-cent sheets of designer paper from the craft store.......and used old black ribbon I've had laying around to cover the seams of different cuts of paper in an interesting proportion. Tape it up - and you have a COHESIVE group that collectively makes an impressive wall display.

ALL FOR UNDER $25!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Modernizing The Queen - Part 2

I DID IT! And completely by myself at that! It required some diligent measuring, many swipes with the stud finder, heavy duty hooks, and a steady hand.......BUT I DID IT.

Feeling accomplished :-) My $10 goodwill-find-transformed is looking stunning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modernizing The Queen - Part 1

So while on one of my thirft-scouting-adventures I spotted the following amazingly fabulous mirror at goodwill.........for $10. $10!!!!

One thing I love to do is mix throw in antiquey/old/worn items randomly into our mostly clean and modern designed home decor. What is more classic than a curvy "Queen Victoria" mirror? I honestly have no idea if that's the proper name for this shape mirror, however we're gonna go with it.

ANYWAYS - Of course it was not only a disturbingly bright shade of orangey brown when I found this little was worn on the top and reminded me of a musty basement. Nothing a little surface cleaner, elbow grease, and black paint can't solve!

I had already begun painting/staining with the black paint in these pictures - however you can still see the NEON-ISH hue of the original stain on the inside lip.

I will have Part 2 up shortly hopefully. I had finished fully painting/staining with the black to my liking - and hope to hang this sucker up over our dining area table this evening...........knock on wood! The thing HAS to weigh like 20lbs and may involve anchors if there aren't studs where I need them to be. Sigh. Fingers crossed!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ring

Green Amethyst & Diamonds!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Confess (Unhealthy Fixation on Frippery)

Seriously, I have officially stooped to an all-new shockingly horrifying low.

I am utterly embarrassed, amused, confused, stunned, and in disbelief as I prepare to divulge the following information.

This morning I was in a frenzy to peel myself out of our pillowy-cloud of a bed, get myself presentable for the day, hair, make-up, pack my lunch (chicken stir fry! my first attempt in life to make it and I have to say it was a rather yummmmmy success) ----------- I grab my multitude of bags (including hand-, computer-, lunch-, and make-up-)....jump in the car, rush to work and of course I had to get here at 9:01am. OH-ONE. One minute late, I'll cut my losses.

I'm going about my morning, chugging down my jug of coffee, eating my banana, going through emails......I throw my hand up to my face and lean in on my elbow - today is one of those days! All of a sudden, as I'm unconciously tugging on my ear........I realize........I forgot to put EARRINGS ON.

Necklace on. Oversized ridiculous costumey ring on.

No. Earrings.

I GASPED!!!! I literally grabbed my desk and had a moment of statue-esque stillness, my eyes wide - a quick panic - and an immediate string of possible solutions! Drive home? Do I have an extra pair in my bag? In my car? THE HORROR! How many people have seen me this morning? I feel like I came into work NAKED. My skin crawled and tingled in nervousness. AND to make matters worse - I am wearing my hair BACK on this particular day....just showcasing those naked ears even more.

WELL......I did it people. I DID IT. I went, on my lunch break, to the next exit up on the highway.....and bought a pair of simple stud earrings....

I can't help but feel like some kind of irrational addict. WHO DOES THAT???? Apparently me.

Sneakily I attempted to sashay my way back into the office and to my desk like nothing happened - crisis averted - a huge weight off of my shoulders now - my offending lobes were covered. All is right in the world again.

Should I even attempt to wrap my head around all the levels of wrong here?
What can I say. I'm a piece of work.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

DIY Glam Silver Canvas Tiles

As with any home, ours is still a work in progress. I have so many projects I’d like to do! I should really stop for a minute, step back, and be proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far.

After years and years of living in college dorms with white brick walls, and then strings of white-shoe-box apartments in New York City, I vowed to myself that the day I finally had a place of my own, every single inch of it would be PAINTED IN A COLOR. No more white walls ever again! Life is wayyyyy too short for me to be blinded by the white!!!!

Well, we’re on our way to achieving that dream of mine. The most important and large rooms are painted. However the bathrooms are still sadly weepy and stark in white. I've done some punches of color to tide me over for now -- and here is the DIY step by step for these fabulous damask canvas 'tiles' I did for our master bathroom. Hmmm....I'm thinking we’ll most likely pull a color for the walls from the awesomely hippie-hemp-esque stiched shower curtain we have up. Sage green? Wheat taupe? Chocolaty brown? Stay tuned for that.

All you need for this extremely easy wall-decor-project? Four items.

  • Canvas (any size or shape you'd like)
  • Silver spray paint
  • Damask stencil (or any stencil you like - widely available at craft stores)
  • Paint & brush (your favorite colors!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Standing on the Edge

Have you ever stopped and wondered where this seemingly ‘age-old’ tradition and inherent list of “set steps” for getting married came from?

Don’t you remember reading those elder novels in high school speaking of women’s dowries? What exactly happened in this world that caused the tradition of handing over your little girl and her most pricey possessions as a perk to the lucky man – to the lucky man now emptying his bank account and handing your little girl a shiny rock to display on her finger?

What’s it all mean anyways? What’s the significance? Do we just accept it because lots of people in the world follow the same suit and have been for decades…so that’s what is proper to do?

Call me a cynic or call me a modern day woman. This wedding hoopla just isn’t for me. AT ALL.

I think we decided we’re eloping on the summit of a mountain. Preferably near a cliff. Not so we can jump afterwards (you negative nancy’s!) but more to remind us at that moment of the overwhelming forces of nature and how overwhelming the fact we’ve found each other is. On top of the world and standing on the edge. Literally & figuratively. Imagine? Quick, simple, laid back, easy, relaxing, and focused. I love it. Done.

"Wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand dates far back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed that the vena amoris (the vein of love) ran from that finger directly to the heart."

"A great marriage is like a long conversation that always seems too short."