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Diet Coke Cupcakes

There's nothing I love more than the warmth and smell that permeates your home when something yummy is baking in the oven.

The thing about baking is the general consensus is it's time consuming - to schlepp all of your needed materials out - measure, mix, beat, add, mix more, add more, let sit, put in the fridge to chill, mix again, add more, finally get baking.

My friends, THIS IS THE ANSWER. The answer to all the times you fall through the door, home from a long draining day at work - and have zero effort left for crafting anything fancy, but have an insatiable craving for something sweet and not from 7-11. This is the answer to that diet you're on - where you think you can't have a cupcake! And this is the answer to all of you lazy @$e$ out there who can make this, and insanely impress people who underestimate you.

This is all it takes to make some freakin delicious (& healthIER) cupcakes!

1 box reduced sugar store-bought cake mix
1 can (12oz) of diet coke