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A Wall Display For $25 Or Less!

Whenever I'm thrifting-sniffing-around one thing I always make a point to look for is old frames WITH matting included - if you find a framed photo that's matted, PARTICULARLY CUSTOM matted - blind your eyes away from whatever shade and texture of ugly the frame is - and how terrible the photo is.

You've struck gold!

Matting is really the element that catapults your framing into a higher level of sophistication - and unless you are crafty enough to buy and cut your own mats, or are fine with purchasing the selection of pre-cut run-of-the-mill-sized mats - it's pretttttty pricey to have professionally and CUSTOM done.

So here we are -- I found a very LARGE CUSTOM matted and framed (puke brown) photo (a duck....from the 80's duck). It cost me $4.50.

Throw in a couple of knick-knack wall-hangings I got over a year ago and quickly fell into hating.....and a cheap gold-framed mirror - ALSO being sold for peanuts.

I gathered up the motley crew and spray painted ALL…