Standing on the Edge

Have you ever stopped and wondered where this seemingly ‘age-old’ tradition and inherent list of “set steps” for getting married came from?

Don’t you remember reading those elder novels in high school speaking of women’s dowries? What exactly happened in this world that caused the tradition of handing over your little girl and her most pricey possessions as a perk to the lucky man – to the lucky man now emptying his bank account and handing your little girl a shiny rock to display on her finger?

What’s it all mean anyways? What’s the significance? Do we just accept it because lots of people in the world follow the same suit and have been for decades…so that’s what is proper to do?

Call me a cynic or call me a modern day woman. This wedding hoopla just isn’t for me. AT ALL.

I think we decided we’re eloping on the summit of a mountain. Preferably near a cliff. Not so we can jump afterwards (you negative nancy’s!) but more to remind us at that moment of the overwhelming forces of nature and how overwhelming the fact we’ve found each other is. On top of the world and standing on the edge. Literally & figuratively. Imagine? Quick, simple, laid back, easy, relaxing, and focused. I love it. Done.

"Wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand dates far back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed that the vena amoris (the vein of love) ran from that finger directly to the heart."

"A great marriage is like a long conversation that always seems too short."


Kyla Roma said…
Oh my goodness, congrats- and this sounds BEAUTIFUL =)

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