Momma Bear

My mom is my everything! I don't have enough proper vocabulary to begin to describe how marvelous she is. I affectionately call her my momma bear, and yes, although I am a 25 year old 'grown up' lady, I will always be her BABY BEAR.

On a girls trip to New York City last year, during which I was esteemed tour-guide, my momma pulled her shoulder dragging a suitcase with broken wheels through the maze of staircases and train stations. I to this day feel terrible that I didn't snatch it from her and help more along the way.......because her shoulder has been bothering her ever since. She's recently been getting acupuncture which seems to help. I was thinking what I could possibly do to help in some way. A way that preferably utilized my sewing machine. :-)

I GOT IT. A homemade rice-filled HEAT PACK! (or cold pack - if you pop it in the freezer) All-natural to boot, gotta love that. I excitedly went out to get all of the 'ingredients' for this project. Muslin for the inner sack of rice - linen, felt, velcro, and stuffing for the outer cover. I had a vision. It would be a 'momma bear'.....for the Momma Bear!

I cut out the body and arms -- I specifically wanted to make arms so you would be able to 'wrap' it around and secure it in place of whatever body part.

Sewed around most of the muslin 'sack' and left a little opening to funnel rice in.

This is what ended up happening for the MOMMA BEAR cover:

Velcro on the hands....Excuse my TERRIBLE embroidery skills! :-) haha
And I sewed all 3 sides and left the bottom open with lace strands to tie bottom together, easy access!

A great tip I wish I knew of BEFORE sewing the rice sack to add some essential oils into the rice and/or potpurri type dried flowers or herbs. Great idea.


Ashley K C said…
try adding lavender, it smells so great and relaxing.
i call my mom "momma bear" too, but sometimes it bugs her, so i do it more.

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