This Is Going To Be Dangerous

Well I'm happy to report I've been logging in some quality time with my NEW SEWING MACHINE. (a most lovely gift from my future mother in law)

I've read the manual front to back, scowered the internet reading sewing blogs and looking up how-to's.....I've become well acquainted with Jo-Ann Fabrics....and I think I single-handedly cleared out the soon-to-be-obsolete fabric department at my local Wal-Mart as everything was marked down to $1.50/yard. The poor man who had to stand there and cut yard after yard after yard asked if I was making a quilt - with all that fabric! I happily proclaimed NOPE - I DON'T EVEN REALLY KNOW HOW TO SEW!!!! :-) To which I think his reaction was bitterness and confusion.

.......but guess what, once I grasp what the hell I'm doing, I'll have plentyyyyyyy of fabric to do it!

At this point we all know I've made a headband, showcased in my last post. Well the options of what I can make for you haven't evolved TOO much.

I can offer you a too-small-pair of pajama pants that are awfully tight and tugging-off-to-one-side around the crotch......

{Using my Love's OLD pair of pajama pants even as a 'guide'.....and my pants just came out all wrong}

...or I can offer you a somewhat mis-shapen but well-intentioned clutch that can be dressed up or down.

ALRIGHT, I'll admit for only sewing 4 items previously to this clutch IN MY LIFE, I will say I am secretly {now, openly} proud. It's pretty sweet.

I've been through some terrible threading/tension mistakes

BUT stayed committed and would eventually get the hang of it....


What's good for a beginner?


Ashley K C said…
Tote bags are always easy to make. I made and sold a shit-ton of those.
(Hi, I'm Ashley and I follow your blog because it's fun and I creep around for fun blogs)
slinny said…
hey, love your blog!

thought you might like to check out this awesome discount for tinsel trading! it's a store with buttons, trims, ribbons, etc. so i thought you'd like it with all your creative ideas!

slinny said…
I love the clutch!

I saw someone took a military jacket and cut it in half so there was a front and back. they then did the same with a flannel shirt. they sewed the front of the military jacket with the black of a flannel. pretty cute!

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