Home-Sewed Laptop Sleeve

I've been extraordinarily busy at work lately. Which I'm happy for - since I absolutely LOVE my job. Being the PR/Marketing person for a branch of doctor's offices doesn't sound like it would be a dream job.....but it certainly is to me, my friends.

It's been chaotic since our practice has merged with another and now we are officially a NEW practice all together - since January 1 2010. I've designed a new logo, announcement ads for the newspaper, written radio spot scripts, and put together press packages to send off.

In my case, I really believe just putting myself out there has served me more than I even realize. My job 'description' has surpassed any kind of outlined list of tasks you can put on paper. I walk through the reception areas in our different offices and my photos are framed and hanging on the walls. I have a make-shift photography studio in the X-RAY department. I update the employee "INTRANET" with my latest photoshop creations (along with the latest news trickling through the office-grape-vine)

I guess I realized that there is only ONE single pretty big negative about my job..............and that would be that the laptop bag they gave me for my computer is like tugging an oversized boat on my back. :-)

This girl can't be weighed down. With 8 different compartments, 20 different straps and formations, and the weight of the bag empty ALONE already being too much. I'm always traveling and moving around and doing things away from my desk......I need to be MOBILE!

After (as always) stalking all of my favorite DIY blogs......and coming across this killer tutorial on how to sew your own laptop sleeve.....the angels sang, and yeah, I {attempted} to do it.

This was a challenge.

I have never taken classes, never been trained or taught, haven't even read books or watched videos on how to sew (which I need to...) I've only READ THE MANUAL that came with my sewing machine and that is literally how I learned to make it work (along with distinct vivid memories in my head of watching my mom sew when I was a little one)

BLUNDER #1 - I sewed the velcro onto the WRONG SIDE of the sleeve. Figures I got perfect stiching too, right? Oh the pain....of having to cut it apart.

BLUNDER #2,3,4,5,6...........-----> - The stiching is uneven, the flap is lopsided, the finishing is less than stellar, and I can name a bunch of other nit-picky details that didn't turn out to perfection.........but the bottom line is - IT WORKS!!!

And I absolutely LOVE IT....love. love. love. I'll only (theoretically) get better from here..........................................maybe....hopefully. perhaps. EEEK!

What should I make next?


slinny said…
You should try to do some of the project runway challenges. Like make a dress out of burlap, newspaper, etc. That will definitely be challenging and fun!

china said…
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