I Confess (Unhealthy Fixation on Frippery)

Seriously, I have officially stooped to an all-new shockingly horrifying low.

I am utterly embarrassed, amused, confused, stunned, and in disbelief as I prepare to divulge the following information.

This morning I was in a frenzy to peel myself out of our pillowy-cloud of a bed, get myself presentable for the day, hair, make-up, pack my lunch (chicken stir fry! my first attempt in life to make it and I have to say it was a rather yummmmmy success) ----------- I grab my multitude of bags (including hand-, computer-, lunch-, and make-up-)....jump in the car, rush to work and of course I had to get here at 9:01am. OH-ONE. One minute late, I'll cut my losses.

I'm going about my morning, chugging down my jug of coffee, eating my banana, going through emails......I throw my hand up to my face and lean in on my elbow - today is one of those days! All of a sudden, as I'm unconciously tugging on my ear........I realize........I forgot to put EARRINGS ON.

Necklace on. Oversized ridiculous costumey ring on.

No. Earrings.

I GASPED!!!! I literally grabbed my desk and had a moment of statue-esque stillness, my eyes wide - a quick panic - and an immediate string of possible solutions! Drive home? Do I have an extra pair in my bag? In my car? THE HORROR! How many people have seen me this morning? I feel like I came into work NAKED. My skin crawled and tingled in nervousness. AND to make matters worse - I am wearing my hair BACK on this particular day....just showcasing those naked ears even more.

WELL......I did it people. I DID IT. I went, on my lunch break, to the next exit up on the highway.....and bought a pair of simple stud earrings....

I can't help but feel like some kind of irrational addict. WHO DOES THAT???? Apparently me.

Sneakily I attempted to sashay my way back into the office and to my desk like nothing happened - crisis averted - a huge weight off of my shoulders now - my offending lobes were covered. All is right in the world again.

Should I even attempt to wrap my head around all the levels of wrong here?
What can I say. I'm a piece of work.


Anonymous said…
I know the feeling Missy.........
I have also arrived at work to touch my ear lobe and find it naked. It is an awful feeling to realize that you didn't finish dressing fully with those earrings on the lobes.
I must confess that I never went out at lunch time to buy a pair to cover up the mistake. Hilarious reading!

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