Quarter Life

Today is indeed the day my lovely mother borned me into this world - 25 years ago.


25 years on this earth I have lived, and it's quite extraordinary to think of what a human can experience in this amount of time. What realizations are reached, what things are learned, what people are met, what situations we're faced with, what range of emotions we feel, what level of self-awareness and world-awareness we achieve.

Growing up in a wonderful town, a beautiful state, surrounded by an endlessly kind, loving, and supportive family, making lifelong friends in elementary school, living in Germany with a marvelous family, traveling all over the world, moving to New York and living my big city dreams, graduating college with a degree I'm passionate about (public relations&photography), meeting my perfect match and falling in love, landing my dream job in my hometown of all places in the world, buying a home, achieving what I've always worked hard for....

I couldn't think of a better life and I'm so thankful, especially today, for everything, everyone, every memory, every adventure past and every adventure waiting to happen. CHEERS! To the next 25 years - I will love, I will push myself to uncomfortable limits, I will take risks and chances, I will travel, I will seize the day, I will make sure everyone I love knows I love them every time I'm able to tell them, I will cook new recipes, I will up my crafty-ante and challenge my creative brain, I will continue living in the moment, I will give, I will make people happy and help whenever I can, and, unfortunately, I will learn to love running on a treadmill. With surfing over for the season, I needed a cheap winter sport...and this new treadmill of mine was too good of a deal at $399 - on sale, plus coupons, plus no tax in New Hampshire. Beats an outrageous monthly gym membership! I'm running into the next quarter of my life!


Childhood home

Oh godddd

My besttttttt friends, junior high mall trip

Beautiful MOMMA!


Little Brother

Mom in the middle, Aunts, Nana, Cousin

My love, surfing portrait


At the FAIR!

Our little dream home <3>

Me & Baby Brother, this past weekend

A self-portrait painting from college....how telling ;-)


Happy Birthday, Tasha! What a great reflective post. And I love the self-portrait -- how fitting indeed. Keep on keeping on: you are fabulous. ^^
Anonymous said…
What an amazing post! Your maturity amazes me constantly. What an honor it was to born you into this world.
I am so proud of you & my love for you is endless

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