DIY Art Prints

The best part about having our own space in this world - whether it be a single room, an apartment, a house, an RV -whatever space is completely and utterly yours....the best part is the freedom we hold to pick and choose what we would like to surround ourselves with and look at everyday of our lives.

What makes you happy? What's your favorite color? What makes you smile? Reminds you of special memories? What is your creative vision?

Well, the biggest shock to me personally about people's selections for their homes - is when the walls are decorated with store-bought-dime-a-dozen-generic-general-just-because art/photo prints.

Admittedly, I am a photographer and have a professional side-photography-business ( in addition to my full-time duties as a publicist - however I promise making a beautifully original custom art photo print is easy as pie.

Step 1 - Take a photo. Since this is an ART print objective - your photo should be of a place or thing that holds special meaning to you- and for better abstract-art-effect, it should be a close up - zoom in to the little bit that is just your favorite. The bit that drew you to think of this special place or thing. If you're unable to zoom in as far as you'd like, try an interesting and unexpected angle.

{I was in California last Thanksgiving for my lovely cousin's wedding. In the guest room I was sleeping in was this STUNNING was such a special trip, a whirlwind, a welcomed break from my life on the east coast - and as I drifted off to sleep this is the angle I would see the chandelier from and I just thought it was gorgeous and needed to be captured in an image - when I see this now I don't just see a chandelier - I see all of the memories from this trip playing back in my mind.}

Step 2 - Upload it to your computer & using a photo editing program (I use photoshop, but for the basic beginner - you can use the editing option in your iPhoto, or an online simple FREE photo editing program like BE FUNKY, which is amazing - - or picknik or FotoFlexer) -- and just simply play with color hue, contrast, saturation, and effects. Press all the buttons you can and SEE WHAT HAPPENS. :-) You'll eventually land on an effect and color you love, and voila - a home made art print is born!

Step 3 - Order prints, frame & hang! And again for large prints I can't stress enough how incredible is. So affordable, ships the same day, and so many options for print material - just fabulous.



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