A Lovely Weekend

There really is nothing better than getting away for a long weekend. Leaving any trivial concerns, any partially made to-do-lists, any good-intention to start that project...leaving it all behind - and for a few days wipe your slate clean, just live in the moment, let your hair blow in the wind, drink too many martinis, and spend a little bit too much money. Re-energize, re-fuel, review. A long weekend spent back in the city in which I arrived eagerly & anonymously and departed almost as eagerly 5 years later with a crystal-clear understanding of who I was and who I DIDN'T want to be. I still have lots of love for New York, but I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to be visiting purely for fun. To ride the subway as a novelty and not a necessity. To run through the streets trying to make it on time to a Broadway show and not to a meeting. To stand still for a minute and marvel at the canopy of city lights at night...instead of cursing that I haven't seen the light of day from my desk. A great revelation and appreciation for what I've learned at a young age. Sharing this trip with my ever-hip mother and two spunky aunts was the icing on the cake.


Mom said…
It was a great weekend Tasha.
We made some really nice memories!
Keep up the writing. You have a natural talent for it that shines through. Love you Lots!

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