Magical Mood-Changer

We've all had those days. Those days. Nothing specifically happened, everything (in theory) is actually perfect, we can't point a finger at anyone, and there is no logical explanation for why we're draggin', can't focus, and can't motivate ourselves to be a productive human being for the day. Just BLAH. The BLAH days. A bad case of the BLAHs.

Well I'm happy to profess that there is a pretty simple and fabulous antidote for BLAH days. It will make you smile, make you feel like a kid again, make other people happy by default, and most importantly it's really flippin' yummy. I'm talking about making a PIE!

Pie just can't go wrong, can it? Even just finding out that I was referring to pie made you happy didn't it? And honestly I have no clue what makes a good pie - so if I can pull this off to success so can anyone.

One blah day not too long ago I decided PIE was indeed the answer. I went to the store and bought pre-made pie dough. Bam, just roll it out and slap it in the pie dish. As for filling, my thought process went as follows:

- I love fruit pies, but I don't want to do apple pie because there will clearly be an overload of that in the fall months to come
- I have a bunch of huge bags of frozen strawberries. Strawberry pie, done.
- Hey I have some leftover frozen blueberries let's throw those in too!
- Ehh I really love apple pie, so maybe I'll toss in a couple apples diced up
- Hmmm I wonder if cinnamon goes with strawberries & blueberries? Whatever, I'm still throwing it in for the smidge of apples I added
- Add splenda to act like making a pie isn't going to be totally bad for me
- My eyes lock on the bag of chocolate chips in the cabinet.......
- Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious! Melted chocolate is good with any fruit, isn't it? Melted chocolate would even be good on a sneaker.
-I've never heard of a pie with chocolate chips in it before. Whatevs, I'm throwing a couple handfuls in.

Mix all together and dump into the pie pan, already with the bottom pie crust in. This was too easy. Which is what led me to "fancy up" the top crust.....cutting it into strips and weaving - you know, to make it look like I #1 knew what I was doing and #2 spent soooooooo much time slaving over this mish-mashed masterpiece.

350 degree oven for however long........(I had no idea, just kept looking until it "looked right")


My blah day was absolved. Yours will be too.


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